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Engaging with Meditative Inquiry in Teaching, Learning, & Research

A Free International Online Conference 
Aug 16-18, 2022


Featuring thought-provoking presentations by a diverse group of scholars, teachers, practitioners, and artists on the transformative potential of meditative inquiry

Day 1, Aug 16

Morning Sessions

9:00 - 9:20

Land Acknowledgement and Welcome

Ashwani Kumar (Conference Chair)

Opening Remarks

Jacqueline Gahagan (Associate Vice President (Research) MSVU)

Antony Card (Dean of Education, MSVU)

Alice Salt (Editor at Routledge)

9:20 - 10:20

Engaging with Meditative Inquiry in Teaching, Learning, and Research

Ashwani Kumar - Introducing Meditative Inquiry and the Edited Collection

Adam Garry Podolski - Artmaking and Meditative Inquiry in the Spirit of Dialogical Collaboration


10:30 - 12:00

Keynote Panel 1: The Contributions of Meditative Inquiry to the Field of Education

Michael Corbett - Educational Research Methodology and Meditative Inquiry: Three Meditations

Kent den Heyer - On Becoming Subjects to Our Learning and Lives

Lisa Merriweather - Someone Please Call 911: Meditative inquiry, Àṣẹ, and Spirit Murdering

Jack Miller - Meditative Inquiry/ My Journey

Afternoon Sessions

1:00 - 2:00

A Conversation on Meditative Inquiry 

Ashwani Kumar & William Pinar


2:10 - 3:40

Journal Editors’ Panel: Meditative Inquiry and Holistic and Alternative Education Theories and Practices

Paul Freedman & Laurel Tien - Meditative Inquiry and Holistic Education: Resonant Practices 

Helen Lees - A Talent for Meditative Inquiry Through Alternative Education Concepts?

Carlo Ricci - The Connections I Make Between Self-determined Learning and Ashwani’s 7 Key Principles of Meditative Inquiry 

Teresa Strong-Wilson - Touching Interiority, Given Time and Space: A Journal Editor’s Perspective


3:50 - 5:20

Holistic and Contemplative Education Scholar’s Panel

Ehaab Abdou - Reflecting on the Meditative Inquiry Volume in Relation to Contemplative Practices in the Classroom

Alexandra Fidyk - Silence as Generative Process & Practice

Martin Morrison - Exploring the Implications of Meditative Inquiry on Culturally Relevant and Responsive Pedagogy

and the “African Nova Scotian Dream Keepers”  

Darlene St. George - Visual and Poetic Storying: Threads of Creation-Centred Practice

Day 2, Aug 17

Morning Sessions

9:00 - 10:20

Book Contributors’ Panel 1: Reflection, Contemplation, and Meditative Inquiry

Adrian Downey - Mindset and Meditative Inquiry

Christina Flemming - Arts & Letters: Meditative Inquiry as Invitation

Chris McCaw & John Quay - Meditative Inquiry in Dialogue with Heideggerian, Deweyan, and Buddhist Praxis


10:30 - 12:00

Book Contributors’ Panel 2: Dialogue and Meditative Inquiry

Vikas Baniwal - Ruminations on Dialogue as a Form of Meditative Inquiry

Krista Ritchie & Paul Stemmler - The Dialogic and Vulnerable Nature of Learning: Perspectives From Positive

Psychology and Meditative Inquiry 

Rajean Willis & Laura Leslie - Explorations of Trauma through Meditative Inquiry


Afternoon Sessions

1:00 - 2:20

Book Contributors’ Panel 3: Diverse Cultural Perspectives and Meditative Inquiry

Susan Brigham - Exploring the Connections Between Africentric Principles and Meditative Inquiry; Understanding

Their Significance for Teaching and Learning in Adult Education Contexts 

Diane Obed - Synergies Between Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Meditative Inquiry

David Sable - Meditative Inquiry and Mindfulness


2:30 - 3:50

Book Contributors’ Panel 4: Structure, Consciousness, and Change

Nayha Acharya - My Journey with Meditative Inquiry: Teaching, Learning, and Researching in Law and Dispute Resolution

Mohamed Kharbach - Meditative Inquiry and Critical Discourse Analysis: A Hybrid Approach for Doing Educational Research

Michael Cosgrove & Shannon Power - On the Significance of Meditative Inquiry in Teaching, Learning, and Living: A

Dialogue Between Two Teachers


4:00 - 5:30

Holistic Teachers’ Panel on Meditative Inquiry

Alexandra Barclay - Holistic Teaching with a French Twist

Dawn Erley - Dialogical Meditative Inquiry in the English Classroom

Carolyn Prest - 21 Pillars: Promoting Meditative Inquiry in the Public School Classroom

Yelena Smith - Crocheting the Sacred Threads of Indigenous and Holistic Knowledges in History Classes

Jack Ward - Practical Applications in a High School English Classroom

Day 3, Aug 18

Morning Sessions

9:00 - 10:20

Panel on Meditative Inquiry and Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Angie Kolen, Leigh-Ann Macfarlane, Suzanne Le-May Sheffield, & Gavan Watson 


10:30 - 11:50

Keynote Panel 2: Interdisciplinary Exploration of Meditative Inquiry

Balaganapathi Devarakonda - Exploring the Focus of Human Action: A Space that Conflates Meditative Inquiry and Philosophical Counselling

R. Michael Fisher - Meditative Mind(ing) a Fearlessness Worldview Through Dialogue: It Won’t Be Easy

Kelly Resmer - Chemistry Laboratory Teaching and Learning Guided by Meditative Inquiry


Afternoon Sessions

1:00 - 2:30

Practitioners’ Panel on Meditative Inquiry 

Laurie Cook - We Know What We're Against, But What Are We For?  Meditative Inquiry in Practice in Community

Lindsay Leighton - Awareness, Inquiry, and Love through Science

Stephanie McDonald - How Might Dialogical Meditative Inquiry Inform the Practice of an Existentially Minded 

Community Mental Health Therapist

Neeraj Verma - Meditative Inquiry for the Field of Medicine


2:35 - 3:15

Closing Remarks

Antony Card (Dean of Education, MSVU)

Scott MacMillan (Coordinator, Teaching and Learning Centre, MSVU)

Conference Organizing Committee: Bonnie Petersen, Iain MacLeod, Alexandra Barclay

Conference Chair: Ashwani Kumar 

In-Person Cultural Evening Event and Reception at MSVU


Doors open.  Feel free to chat and settle in to your places. Light snacks will be offered. We will start the program promptly at 6:00.


Land Acknowledgement

Guided meditation

UBC’s Faculty of Education Alumni Educator of Year Award Presentation to Dr. Ashwani Kumar


  -  Ashley Julian-Rikhana (Indigenous Flute Music)

  -  Ashwani Kumar, Nayha Acharya, & Ketan Kulkarni (Indian Classical Music)


Dinner (Buffet)



  -  Emiyah Simmonds (An Ode to Meditative Inquiry and Dialogue: Poetry Recitation)

  -  Sobaz Benjamin (African Drumming)

Door Prizes

Closing Remarks

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