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Meditative Inquiry

Holistic engagement that brings together our bodies, minds, hearts, and beings in the process of teaching, learning, researching, creating, and living.

Meditative inquiry is an art of becoming aware

an existential process of asking deep questions about life and our place in it

Meditative inquiry is a holistic way of connecting with oneself

a way to deepen awareness of one’s actions, thoughts, and emotions

Meditative inquiry teaches us the art of listening and conversation

an invitation to listen to and learn from life within and around us

Meditative inquiry inculcates the art of looking and learning

an attentive observation of our actions, thoughts, and feelings and our interaction with nature and people

Meditative inquiry digs into the roots of our deep-seated conflicts

a process that allows access into the subconscious and unconscious layers of the mind

Meditative inquiry helps us become aware of our fears and insecurities

an awareness of the way fears and insecurities cause greed, accumulation, and disparity

Meditative inquiry breaks down rigid psychological structures and blockages

an intense movement that unleashes our creative, aesthetic, and imaginative capacities

Meditative inquiry flourishes in and brings about a sense of freedom

a celebration of freedom as the highest principle of teaching, learning, and living

Meditative inquiry transforms the very core of our being

a subtle yet powerful experience that changes our inward existence organically

Meditative inquiry promotes social justice and social transformation

an intelligent sensitivity that frees the mind of discriminatory tendencies and behaviours

Meditative inquiry acknowledges that life is whole and undivided

a recognition that life at its very core is one, which manifests itself in diverse ways

Meditative inquiry connects us to nature and people at an existential level

an aesthetic and spiritual experience of the wholeness

Kumar, A. (2022). Introduction. Engaging with Meditative Inquiry in Teaching Learning and Research: Realizing Transformative Potentials in Diverse Contexts (pp. xix-xxi). Routledge.

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Meditative inquiry reveals self-centred and comparative tendencies within us

a deep exploration of the way the Ego functions in explicit and subtle ways

Meditative inquiry uncovers layers of divisive conditionings that colour our perception

a capacity that frees the mind to look and the heart to listen without judgments and barriers

Meditative inquiry explores the root of conflicts in relationships between people and groups

a profound insight into how hatred, discrimination, and violence pervade human existence

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